Impact Stories

At Friendship Ark, we get to serve core members from all backgrounds. Below, we have highlighted some core member stories and how they have been impacted by Friendship Ark, as well as how they have impacted us! Click on the highlighted titles to read more.


Bill's Story


Our first ever Impact Story, published in 2018, highlights our core member Bill, as he transitioned from living with his mother to living in a group home when he was 58 years old. Bill has now lived with Friendship Ark for 5 years, and we have had the pleasure of serving him!


Bill's sister wrote, "You, and the entire Friendship Ark organization, were a literal answer to my prayers! He is happy and so well looked after. I am so grateful." Read more about how serving Bill has helped not only him, but his family transition to a new way of life.



Tay's Story


Tay's story was highlighted in the 2019 Year End Appeal, focusing on "Ability." Read about how Tay was supported by friends, family, and Friendship Ark to overcome a huge obstacle at his sister's wedding.

Tay's family wrote, "Thank you for helping us work through the limitations Tay puts on himself to show him and others the blessings and beauty of life and love."



Nathan's Story


Read our 2020 Impact Story about our core member Nathan as he transitioned from Connecticut, to Ames, to Day Hab, to where he is now: living full time in one of our 24/7 sites supported by staff, family, and friends! 


Nathan's parents said, "We are so happy that Nathan has such a caring environment. It means the world to us that he is as happy as he can be."




Fletcher House's Story


Friendship Ark's first ever transitional house, Fletcher House, was a huge milestone in the services we provide. Acting as a midway point between 24-hour supervision and hourly SCL services, we have been able to closely support those that are ready for another step towards independence. This project gave us, "A Chance to Fly." Read about how some of our core members transitioned from 24/7 supervision to living together with intermittent staff assistance. Our Fletcher House has now grown to four core members!



Catie's Story


Read about how our core member Catie transitioned from a restrictive living situation to an environment where she is able to blossom into the young woman we know today - a hoot!




Catie's dad writes that they, "haven't regretted the choice for one minute and he really can't imagine Catie being anywhere else but Friendship Ark!"


Friendship Ark Homes and Community Services provides a variety of supports that allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive.

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