Date: 7/11/2018

Title: FA Advocacy Taskforce and Altrusa of Ames Team up to Donate Water Wheelchair to Furman Aquatic Center

Our Advocacy Taskforce works diligently to identify and eliminate barriers for our core members to fully be able to participate in their community. On Friday, June 29th, they were able to present the Furman Aquatic Center in Ames with a water wheelchair. The wheelchair will benefit our core members as well as anyone in the community that is wheelchair bound and would need to use it in order to enjoy the pool. The purchase of the wheelchair was funded by a donation from the proceeds from Altrusa's 29th Annual Holiday Home Tour. We would like to thank Altrusa International of Ames,Inc.for supporting us in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Pictured here are Jill Burt, Ames Parks and Recreation Aquatics and Activities Manager as well as Friendship Ark Supervisors and Advocacy Taskforce members Tadd Kingsbury and Natalie Seibold (left to right).



Friendship Ark Homes and Community Services provides a variety of supports that allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive.

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