Date: 6/5/2020

Title: Friendship Ark Participates in Ames Parks and Recreation's Adopt a Flower Garden Program

During the last week of May, we filled the garden we volunteer to take care of at Daley Park in Ames with flowers. Normally, this is an activity in our Day Habilitation program and we work together as one big group to get the job done. This year's planting had to be accomplished in a little bit different manner. Each site came in shifts, with staff sanitizing the tools in between groups and preparing the area for them to plant! As each group came, it was the coolest experience to watch. Each group added a different kind of flower, adding another row of color. The final group helped to delicately put the mulch around the fragile flowers! You can see the garden grow with each group photo! Everyone worked really hard and the resulting flower bed turned out beautiful. Thanks to Holub Garden and Greenhouses for donating the flowers to be planted and Ames Parks and Recreation for facilitating the program.



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