Date: 1/12/2021

Title: Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling and Hach Company Donate to Friendship Ark

We are so very thankful for our "village" of helpers!

Ames business neighbors Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling of Ames and Hach Company decided to coordinate their efforts when Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling selected Friendship Ark as the recipient of a donation of an entire pallet of hand sanitizer and Hach Company had several tables and chairs available to donate. When Stefan Luppen, Distribution Supervisor at Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling, learned of the table and chairs donation from his dad, Gary Luppen, an Area Manager at Hach Company, he promptly offered to deliver the table and chairs at the same time as the hand sanitizer. This week, they teamed up to make the delivery to one of our homes as well as the Friendship Ark office. A huge thank you to Gary and Stefan for their efforts as well as Atlantic Coca Cola Bottling and Hach Company for the donations! We feel blessed to have you as a part of our village in Ames.





Friendship Ark Homes and Community Services provides a variety of supports that allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive.

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