Date: 9/17/2020

Title: Friendship Ark Adds Operations Manager and Accounting Associate to Administrative Staff

Since 2015, Friendship Ark has experienced a significant amount of growth, going from serving 20 core members in 4 homes to serving nearly 50 core members in 5 homes, individualized Supported Community Living, and Day Hab. With that growth came an increase in staff from approximately 35 to nearly 70. While the organization had grown significantly, only one additional position had been added to our Administrative Team, and it became apparent that we needed to manage the workflow differently. In order to ensure that our strategy would meet our needs now and into the future as efficiently as possible, we enlisted the help of Rick Brimeyer of Brimeyer, LLC to explore how to best expand our administrative team to serve the organization going forward.


In April of 2019, the Friendship Ark administrative team worked with Rick to develop an Administrative Optimization Strategy. The objective of this consultation was to “use the experience and creativity of existing team members with available data to develop a logical, shared strategy for meeting current and future needs.” From this meeting, it was determined that we needed to add two additional positions to meet the needs of the administrative team. Administrative Assistant, Sam Chizek, was promoted to Accounting Associate and began offering support to Diane Bjorklund in the financial department in February of 2020. Currently, Sam is managing most of the Representative Payee Services for our core members and learning the other aspects of the department. 


The second position that was created was an Operations Manager position. In June of 2020, Anna Enabnit, was promoted from her Supervisor position at the Johanns Home to Operations Manager. As the Operations Manager, Anna’s role will focus primarily on quality assurance. She will be a resource for the Supervisors of each program/site, working on leadership development. She will also ensure compliance with regulations as well as collecting and reporting on data related to outcomes measurement. With this new position, we will continue to evaluate our programs and ensure quality services for our core members.


  Anna Enabnit                                                  Sam Chizek




Friendship Ark Homes and Community Services provides a variety of supports that allow individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive.

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